Bequem Fashion

What We Believe!

Started with a German word ‘Bequem’ that means ‘comfort’, Bequem Fashion has set an eye on comfortable element to be implemented in every product creation. We believe that the need to add significant yet often forgotten ‘comfortable’ element in women fashion products is important!

During your usual commute to work, or even when travelling with friends, often you wear clothes that are visually attractive yet it lacks some comforts in wearing it. This problem gave an idea to a well known local Indonesian designer to pioneer comfort wear products.

Some of our private client comments…

I have known Bequem’s designer for 9 years. She first made me Batik style dress and at that time I fell in love with her designs. Her cutting was on point, it gives the right look on curve yet still looking pretty and cute. All her collections are well suited for both hijabers and non-hijabers in Indonesia!

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… Bequem Fashion partner also says:

I feel that busy housewives and careerwomen out there always need to look elegant in the office. But elegance often the opposite of comfortable. From there, We thrive our research to make a unique combination of ‘comfort’, ‘modern’ and ‘elegant’ clothing line for both casual and formal occassions.

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Our plans in the future involve adding in more talented designers with unique comfortable designs using our excellent quality controls!